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WELLSPEK Specialist wheel repair
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The Complete Wheel Repair 
and Refinishing  Service

With a grounding in specialist welding within the precise environment of British Aerospace, Wellspek are  well known and respected within the world of motorcycle restoration and repair, and have gained a reputation for excellence within that field.


      ‿/span> Damaged Wheel Rims repaired

      ‿/span> Cracked or Buckled Rims repaired

      ‿Motorcycle Crankcase damage

      ‿Alloy needs welding - no problem.  








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Wellspek carry out work for the public, trade and the most discerning of restorers..


With over 25 years experience,  here at  Wellspek we can weld most metals and offer a comprehensive service at a price you can afford.   


About us

Here at Wellspek we don’t 
have problems, only solutions

We are ideally situated in North Nottinghamshire.

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 The more exacting your welding needs, the more we can help. Please contact us now for free advice: